Goal:  Conduct Quantitative & Qualitative Studies to Link Psychological, Neurological and Physiological Characteristics

Knowledge fully encompasses the IGC initiatives. By synthesizing the research, inherent to the highly and profoundly gifted populace, the IGC is creating a canon of knowledge that is valid and representative of the complexities, idiosyncrasies and vast potential innate in this subgroup of the larger gifted population. The IGC represents the authoritative hub of knowledge regarding the Integral Functioning of the Profoundly Gifted, based on an Integral Approach to research, theory building and informed practice.

As a global organization, focused on better understanding, identifying and supporting the highly and profoundly gifted populace, the IGC develops inter-disciplinary relationships and collaborates with innovative leaders.  Fields of collaboration extend beyond gifted education and psychology to include neuroscience, evolutionary biology, quantum physics and others where synergies and areas of study may benefit understanding, identification and support of the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and altruistic development of Giftedness specific to the highly and profoundly gifted.