Jared Nussbaum, United States

Jared Nussbaum is a philosophy major graduate of Connecticut College.

Jared is very passionate about introspection and believes that self-reflection is the best method for highly, exceptionally, and profoundly gifted individuals to manage the often overwhelming intensity that they regularly experience. Jared frequently engages in self-reflection about his giftedness by producing writing, and he has recently begun to share his pieces with the IGC to provide a lucid, first-person representation of certain aspects of the highly-profoundly gifted experience.

During his senior year in high school, Jared was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety, and he also engages in self-reflection about these topics in order to master these exceptionalities and embed them into his gifted experience so that he can fully capitalize on his unique abilities and thereby maximize his positive impact on society. Jared is adamant that through highly-profoundly gifted individuals’ lucid and honest expression of their thoughts and feelings, they can simultaneously benefit themselves and all others interested in giftedness.

Jared is an ardent intellectual and often engages in study for pleasure. He is a disciple of Christopher M. Langan’s Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU), and has recently devoted a substantial amount of time to studying the CTMU as well as related papers, such as An Introduction to Mathematical Metaphysics and The Metaformal System: Completing the Theory of Language. Jared also exercises his intellectual overexcitability by theorizing about his own emotions, often employing abstract language and concepts in his writings, as well as by developing his own ideas and theories on various topics in metaphysics. As an individual who is proud to be exceptionally gifted, he is eager to begin working in the field of gifted education and development and desperately wants to meet others who are similar to himself and become involved in the field in any way that he can.

Outside of his intellectual interests, Jared was the captain of the Connecticut College Men’s Swim and Dive team and holds two team records in the distance freestyle events. He is passionate about investment, percussion, art, and fitness. Jared lives in Ridgefield, CT, and has an older brother and younger sister.