The Voice of the Highly-Profoundly Gifted

Giftedness – Misidentification, Sensitivity, Intensity, Awareness & Family Dynamics
Walk alongside Sahrie and her family as we journey with her through misidentification, gifted identification, multiple schools and the dynamics of
greater-than-typical sensitivity, intensity and awareness,

Giftedness – Asynchronous Development and Existential Questions
Vanessa Wood speaks with IGC Contributor, Els De Wit from Talentvol in Belgium. The depths of the developing highly-profoundly gifted child and adolescent are discussed including asynchrony and existential questions. Like-minded peers, mentors and practitioners AND a reciprocal environment are essential for
highly-profoundly gifted individuals.

Giftedness – Defying the Myth, Gifted Children Need Help Too
Vanessa Wood continues conversations with Jared, a rising senior at Connecticut College. Every individual needs fitting experiences and educational opportunities to positively grow and develop including our highly-profoundly gifted.

Giftedness – Misunderstanding, Misidentification and Misdiagnosis
Vanessa Wood speaks with Tiffani about Overexcitabilities, the unique challenges of educating a highly-profoundly gifted child and her family’s journey through misunderstanding and misdiagnosis.

Giftedness – The Similarities of Overexcitabilities and ADHD 

Vanessa Wood dialogs with Jared about the similarities of psychomotor overexcitability and ADHD through his life experiences. For the best understanding, identification and support, Giftedness and overexcitabilities must be considered first or in addition to ADHD or other co-existing behaviors and/or development. 

Giftedness – A Life Experience – With Jared
Vanessa Wood dialogs with Jared, a Philosophy major at Connecticut College.