Contrary to popular belief

Giftedness is not Academic Intelligence (alone)

While Giftedness can include academic intelligence, when we view Giftedness solely through the narrow, unilateral lens of academic achievement, we miss the very essence of Giftedness.


Intelligence is a manifestation of Giftedness.

The output or culmination of Giftedness.

The heightened ability to take in and interpret vast amounts of information.

Giftedness embodies a different Operating System (OS) – a different way of taking in and interpreting information.

Giftedness is a multi-dimensional, dynamic, free-spirited way of “being”

an innate quality

projected (or energized) by a heightened sense of awareness.

An acute sense of the world.

The ability to see the multitude of never-ending paths, connections and interpretations.

Giftedness is the immersion of feelings and perceptions encompassed by the ability to efficiently receive and interpret vast amounts of information.

Giftedness is the heightened ability to synthesize, reflect and continue to develop from within; to self-actualize.

Giftedness is Inherent, Multi-Dimensional, Dynamic Awareness.

Vanessa R. Wood