We’re on a Mission


Through targeted Research, Advocacy, Education and Opportunities:  We’re connecting with all stakeholders, facilitating collaboration across disciplines, creating a world-wide Ambassador network, empowering Family, Educator and Professional Peer Cohorts, conducting and disseminating research and TOGETHER educating the world on what it looks and feels like to be gifted through the eyes of the highly and profoundly gifted child.


Giftedness needs to be better understood. It is a state of being with identifiable characteristics driven by intense sensitivities, keen awareness and innate understanding. Giftedness is commonly misconceived as academic intelligence alone. Many highly and profoundly gifted children are not being properly identified. In fact, many are being misidentified, leaving their affective, physical, moral and cognitive development unattended and at risk.

Mission Statement

To collaboratively understand, identify and support the unique social, emotional, physical, cognitive and altruistic development of Giftedness, through the lens of the highly and profoundly gifted through targeted Research, Advocacy, Education and Opportunities.

The International Gifted Consortium Goal

To provide a universal “voice,” resource and support network for highly and profoundly gifted youth, their families and the greater community worldwide.

To facilitate a global, collaborative, in-depth examination of giftedness, to collectively better understand, communicate and support the more acute, more intense nature of the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and altruistic characteristics, exhibited by the highly/profoundly gifted child, thereby leading the world to an enriched understanding of the full spectrum of Giftedness.