I have completed such studies as ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education at Radboud University in Nijmegen. My motivation is children’s well-being (and that of their parents). I always work in a people-centred way. I don’t allow myself to be distracted by any hidden agendas at administrations, collaborative partnerships or so-called budget deficits. I look at the child’s needs; they are always my starting and ending point. National and international legislation and treaties support this approach. Important points for me when coaching exceptionally gifted children include offering development-oriented advice and mirroring in humanity. My motto is: THERE IS NO BOX.

I am registered with the SKJ (Dutch Youth Quality Register) and the Quality Register Giftedness and I am a member of the European Council for High Ability, the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children and Mensa Worldwide.


  • Exceptional giftedness (145+)
  • Coaching parents of exceptionally gifted children
  • Didactic study and advice on modified education
  • Training sessions and events for and about highly gifted rebels
  • Speaking at congresses